Sunday, 4 December 2011

Thursday, 29 September 2011

"If I'm sane, then your all fucking mad"

I'm writing this because I'm concerned, angry and bewildered by how many of us live or lives with the same invisable questions hovering above our heads that ask "Is this okay?" "Am I doing this right?" How so many of us rely on other people for reassurance and "The OK" for our way of thinking. The death of individuality.

Everytime I see a fashion whore adopting the latest "trend", its make my soul physically ache when you know their hearts not in it. Somewhere the curator of this crazed "creativity" is laughing at you. The ironic, what can only be describes as a tornado of greed and vanity, has created a nation of wannabes. Soldiers against the war on individuality. And so that I don't contradict myself, I beg of you, don't agree with me. I'm not trying to revolutionize you, or ironically become an idealist, I'm simply venting for my sanity, or lack of. I'm trying to seperate myself from you. I guess you could say my tolerance is broken.

Recently I've found myself subconsciously pretending I'm stupid, I'm not aware I'm doing it until I look back on the situation in question. It's a social defense, to avoid indepth debates about creativity. So many people who move to London go to find themselves and to find success. But success is clouded in conformity, whether you like it or not. It kills the idea of individuality, and I don't want to die.
This may sound like the insane ramblings of someone struggling with the day to day of modern life, maybe this is true, but if I have to find clarity in insanity, so be it. Cause if I'm sane, then your all fucking mad.