Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Panic on the Streets of London- Location scouting the day after 8.8.11 riots

So last night there was panic on the streets of London. After the shooting and killing of a man in Tottenham by police, people around London protested and rioted around several communitys in London. Living in Camden, we were also effected by the riots. However, my boss and I has organised to do some location scouting around Hamstead Heath and the East end before we were recommended to go home and stay away. I made notes on the locations we visited, and also took pictures of the devastation in the Camden area.

Location notes-

Photo 1- Camden Bridge and tree by Lloyds
Photo 2- Camden Lock arch by River and Berty and Gerty- starjump
Photo 3- Camden Graffiti by the Lock, symmetry
Photo 4- Camden Lights under Pirate Castle Bridge
Photo 5- Camden Steps and sign three way
Photo 6- Primrose Hill- first bench and light
Photo 7- Primrose Hill Chalcot Square
Photo 8- Havestock Hill- The Havers
Photo 9- Southend Road- Twin Telephone
Photo 10- Hampsted Heath- Gate and Pond
Photo 11- Pond 2 Trees- Houses on right
Photo 12- East London- Old St- Hoxton Square- Gherkin
Photo 13- Red Church St- Ebor St- Chance St- Whitby St
Photo 14- Side st off Cheshire St- Bridge
Photo 15- Grimsby St off Brick Lane- Industrial Bridge
Photo 16- Pedley St- Fire Escape
Photo 17- Big Chill- Greasy Spoon and Benches

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