Sunday, 1 May 2011

Charming (Final Major Project)

Mission Statement-

"Charming is a charity organisation specialized for teenagers and young adults who self-harm.
Many people ignore the suffering that is all around us, many people suffer in silence, they are afraid of who they are and what they have become, they deserve our help.
A staggering 60% of self-harmers commit suicide.  We don't want anyone else to be part of that statistic, help us help them."

Yes, I know what your thinking, I'm a raving emo. Well if you must know, when I was growing up I knew a lot of self-harmers, and not the attention seeking types who are "going through a phase", but people who really had no-one to turn to. Studying fashion I realised how the "dark side" of the un-glamourous, "behind closed doors" scene of the fashion industry is effectively shielded from public eye, such as anorexia, bulimia, drug use, surgery, which are all (as far as I'm concerned) harming ways of un-naturally "enhancing" your body to become an unrealistic, unattainable, "idealistic" representation of whats fashionable and attractive. We as a fashion followers, are ignorant, in other words, we are interested in the aesthetically pleasing final product, not the painful, unhealthy way of how it became to look that way in the first place.

After studying Fashion for almost 5 years when starting my FMP I decided to make a bold choice and instead of making pretty dresses, masking the side of fashion we prefer not to think about, I decided to create an entire project enlightening and respresenting the side of Fashion which people prefer to ignore.
So there.

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