Thursday, 28 April 2011

Leeds Guide

As an additional work experience during my third year, I decided I wanted to learn more about the magazine industry after my first magazine feature in Disorder magazine. I couldn't afford to go to London and do a three week internship with a fancy highlist magazine like "Another Magazine" because I didn't have the financial means to do so, even if my parents had offered (which they didn't) I would of found something more interesting to do with the money. So I volunteered to become a Listings Editor for Leeds Guide,and after a brief interview I started the next week.

To begin with I was excited about what I might see working in the office, wondering if there would be semi-famous bands walking around after interviews and people discussing highly intelligent things over coffee and throwing ideas at each other, peering over the wasn't like that at all. I was expecting quite a sociable environment but everyone worked extremely hard and the office was usually very quiet, all you could hear was the tapping of fingers on keyboards.

 I was briefed and I was sat down and I worked. I working from 9-5 listing all the upcoming events on the Leeds Guide website, its was interesting to see the different events and occasions listed, for example: story telling at the library where you can go to hear a dramatic reading of a thriller, and I remember one of the events was a Tutor fancy dress party in a museum! (can't remember the name of the museum).

 It was all very pretentious, cultural and exciting for me to hear about these events because they were so rarely advertised to people of my age (I was nineteen at the time) so I started to really enjoy it and worked 1 day a week for two months. I worked entirely for free ofcourse and enjoyed seeing how Leeds Guide worked and I value the experience.

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