Thursday, 21 April 2011

2005-2007 "Alice in Wonderland"

Unfortunately, one of the things I remember about my Final Major at York college was the fashion show... which didn't quite go to plan. However this again was another inspiring project for me, and I wouldn't of achieved the grade I did without the help of a substitute teacher, Keiren. Tara my usual tutor was pregnant so wasn't teaching the final push of eduction at York College, this was disorientating for me because I knew she knew my style and the way I worked, however she didn't nessessarily like it, but she was familiar and I was used to her critisism. The new tutor appeared the day we were all compiling our research for our final brief. I was stumped. After months of critisism and glowers from other students for not producing the general "ideal" when I worked (which I think spooked them) I really didn't know which way to turn. Should I follow my heart, or shall I conform for the marks.

Being a bit of a loner at York College (I only enjoyed socialising with the people who unfortunately took the course less seriously and left) I was usually sat on my own or occasionally with a Punk I'd befriended who was also called Cat (she smoked, I smoked, its a given) and I could see my new substitute tutor was intrigued from the beginning. I didn't have a growth on my face, or dress in a peculiar manner, I could of hung out with the rest of the girls, but I chose not to.

After deliberating for almost a week, and not actually coming up with ANYTHING I was beginning to worry, in my teens I was always wary of asking for help, I thought it was weak and I avoided it at all costs. But thankfully, help came to me. After a brief interesting conversation with Keiren, I knew exactly what I was doing. My whole collection was going to be inspired by Alice In Wonderland one of my favourite childrens books and films and I looked at the history of the book and the drug-fueled author, the non-sensical tale where playing cards came to life and Alice meets a pot smoking caterpillar. I then designed clothing to match the hysteria and colourful creativity. I loved it. To this day I don't know how she did it, but she managed to make me feel like I had come up with the whole idea myself. It was completely personal to me, but without that chat I think I would of conformed and created something sterile and aesthically pleasing, because thats what I saw all around me in the sewing room. With Keiren's help, I walked away from York College with an ND Fashion and I had achieved a Merit (and a Distinction for my sketchbook might I add).

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