Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Blue Rinse

Not only did I meet the most amazing people working at Blue Rinse, I also learnt a few things aswell. Blue Rinse is a Leeds based vintage shop, their supplier supplies all over Europe and they also sell re-made items using vintage/retro looking fabric.

Trend forecasting, quality control, brand awareness and identifying a target market were the main skills I learnt here. I also asked the buyer to take me behind the scenes to the warehouse where hundreds of bags full of vintage garments and accessorises are kept (I had fun rumaging through it all) . I helped decide what would be stocked and helped price and bag the garments and accessorise ready to be stocked into the shop. I also met the seamstresses who make and design the re-made garments.

I really enjoyed my two years working at Blue Rinse for both professional and personal reasons. Vintage clothing is sustainable and economically friendly and much more interesting than the countless rails of generic sameness in highstreet shops.

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