Thursday, 21 April 2011

2005- 2007 "Roma"

York College is where I started my Fashion education. These 2 short years of my life was about me identifiying different aspects of design, learning how to construct a garment, how to make a sketchbook flow and generally how to project yourself positively as a young creative person.

I don't remember too much about my two years there, but I remember my favourite project, and I remember my Final Major. My favourite project would have to be the "Roma" project I created. The brief was (if I remember correctly) "design a collection using the inspiration you have gained from your trip to Rome" or something along those lines. Ofcourse we all went to Rome together as a class, and I really had an amazing time. We did all the cliche Rome tourist stuff, The Vatican, Colosseum and Piazza di Spagna, however this is not what inspired me, not atall actually, though I know I should of been impressed by the architectual structures and been in awe of their size and beauty, but it was the Rome life that I was inspired by, their strong Catholic beliefs, the graffiti and the glamour of the Mafia.

Using a combination of religious images such as the Virgin Mary, combining it with street graffiti and using luxurous fabric to respresent the three initial personalities of Rome when I stayed there. I was really pleased with the work I produced (I really wish I still had it) and because I went down an alterior path to literally all of my fellow young fashion students (who were all inspired by big historical structures), I knew that this is what I should continue doing. I realised I wanted to represent the personality of a place, a person, instead of constantly being concerned about whether it was "pretty". I went against the grain. I knew then I wanted to continue Fashion to a degree level.

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