Tuesday, 26 April 2011


As part of my work experience at college, I decided I wanted to try and become a published stylist for Disorder magazine, a magazine I loved originally because it opened like a flickbook, and later because of its original concept. The thing that made Disorder different from other magazines is that it gave anyone the opportunity to have a go! I mean obviously you have to submit the work and Davide Firmanger would deem it appropriate for the magazine, but he never said never.... after speaking to Davide via email for a couple of weeks, and my excitement building up about the shoot, we finally spoke on the phone and he told me I'd be meeting up with a Leeds based photographer the next week to discuss the shoot!

I was obviously very nervous, I have no idea on what scale the photographers professionalism was so I spent the next week decided what to wear, because obviously if I'm going to project myself as a professional stylist, I have to damn well look the part.

After meeting Lauren Holmes (the photographer) I instantly felt at ease, not only was she really easy to talk to and not much older than me, but I could tell that this was a one off bit of fun, nothing life changing here. We'd arranged to meet at my work (Blue Rinse) to pick the clothes for the shoot we had now been briefed on (a rockabiliy, 50's style shoot). After spending a good few hours looking at our options and dressing up Lauren's boyfriend at the time and model for the shoot (Nick), in just about everything piece of clothing in the shop, we'd made our choices and I pulled them.

The shoot took place in Hyde Park picture house, a very old, and very pretty old Cinema in the heart of Hyde Park in Leeds. The shoot was all over within a few hours and Lauren seemed pleased with the results, a couple of months later we were featured in the magazine.

After the success of the first shoot, Davide Firmanger gave us a few briefs to play with, but with my third year looming I had to turn a few later ones down. We did however get publicity for my designer friend Dom who owns "Dom Dick and Harry" a Leeds based t-shirt designer who got a few pages in the magazine for "up and coming" designers.

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