Thursday, 21 April 2011

21/04/2011 Post Number One (of my non student blog)

I'm twenty one (twenty two in July), I have been out of full time education since June last year after finishing my BA(Hons) Fashion and Innovation degree, I left with a 2.1 I was pleased with my portfolio, however... I've been stuck in a rut since my move to London, Camden Town, last year in August.

Im currently working as a sales assistant for a vintage shop in Camden Lock called "Berty and Gerty" which is an independent buisness owned by a couple called Mark and Emma. I have always enjoyed working for independent buisnesses, whos intentions are usually humble and their work ethic usually relaxed (which was ideal especially during my third year, non-commital shifts).

Now I have worked their for some good 8 months now, I am definately ready to move on to the next big challenge. I am concerned that I'm stuck working as a sales assistant, which realistically not been my only role, I manage the shop while they-re away, I train staff,  I vis-merc, I recommend upcoming trends, I usually do a bit of quality control and I also work very hard working in a "hard sell manner" (anyone whos worked in Camden especially, in an independant buisness or relatively small chain, will know exactly how intense hard-sell can be....unlike my humble beginnings in Blue Rinse, Leeds)

The reason I have decided to start writing this blog is because I crave to do something creative. My creativity has been stretched and challenged and I have embraced being able to use this huge part of my personality for the past 5 years studying fashion, being able to show people my creative side is what made me want to be involved in the world of Fashion. Theres no feeling like when you know you have come up with a original buisness idea (I have a book where I write down all possible buisness ventures for when I win the lottery), when you finally take your inches upon inches of sketchbook to the binders after months of painstaking work, when you see THAT picture of your final collection, and when you first adorn the dress, the jacket, the cape that you have spend days, sometimes weeks designing and perfecting and sewing (then re-sewing) and you think "wow, I made that".

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